Friday, 16 December 2016

Lympsham Loop 13

Swapped two of my bikes over yesterday, the old Peugeot has gone to Leamington for some TLC and a well earned rest and the Specialized road bike is at Weston.  As the latter is a lot lighter it will interesting to see how it (me) performs on the hills.  Taking it out today for a trial spin around Lympsham, calling at the hospital on the way back to see the Oldest Git, young John.

Sunset over Brean Down

These never come out like they actually look. Still, fills the page up.  Less than a week now to the shortest day (hooooraaay) so the sun will be setting further and further to the west as well as a bit later.

Little John was fine, the bike was fine and covered 13 miles today.

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