Saturday, 17 December 2016

Ride around Wrington 27

Out to Wrington, near the Mendips, this morning.  Bit of a nothing day really, no sunshine, no wind, no jobs to do, no intention of stopping indoors. Called in to Ian, the bike mechanic to put a little bit of air in the tyre before setting off.  Went out through Hewish to Congresbury and turned right to Wrington.  The little cafe, the Red Bug Tea Rooms, was fairly busy and the only seat available was a stool at the counter.  Needs must.  Back through Sandford to Weston

Another Santa

They are all over the place now.  This one is at the entrance to the Penny Arcade in Regent Street Weston.  Quite eerie really, the face is one of these celebrity masks and behind that beard, and a pair of old glasses, it looks very real.  

Brass Band

Can't see much from this photo but the group just right of centre is Weston Brass Band.  They were in the High Street giving it their all with renderings of Christmas Carols.

A bit chillier now at the end of the week. Feet were getting cold towards the very end of the 27 miles.

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