Friday, 2 December 2016

Long Itchington Lope 24

In Leamington for a couple of days so took there opportunity to have a ride out with Graham.  The weather was very cold with clear blue skies so on the one hand grim, on the other beautiful!  All prepared for it though, plenty of layers and yesterday I bought some chemical hand warmers to put in my gloves.  If you suffer from cold hands in the winter, get some.  They were very good, in all fairness the ends of the fingers were a tad cold but never suffered like Tuesday, Old Gits Day.  At 70 pence for two they were a bargain.

Long Itchington Diner

Took a circular route from Leamington, out through Cubbington to Long Itchington to the Diner on the A423 and back through Southam and Harbury to Whitnash.  Tea and toast at the diner and the waitress was kind enough to take our picture.  Its a bit fuzzy, I think the lady must have been shivering.  Graham on the left, me on the right trussed up like a dog's dinner.  The wonder of modern technology, 2 mins after this was taken it had been e-mailed to our mate Mick in Spain.  It did prompt us to mull over whether there might be some mileage in creating a shared blog that the three of us could post our rides on.  Ptoject for the New Year?

Covered 24 miles, just over and got back without 'hot aches' in fingers and toes.

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