Saturday, 3 December 2016

East Brent Blow 18

Looked nice out there today and in some ways it was.  A bit raw though with an easterly wind blowing across the Somerset Levels.  Cut the ride short and left out Mark and Burnham on Sea.

Seasonal Capers

Didn't think there was going to be much about today as the plan was to take the usual route to Burnham.  Started out by doing the length of the promenade and was surprised to see on the Marine Lake, some paddle boarders messing about in seasonal fancy dress.  At first they were on the far side of the water but when they drifted/paddled towards the centre I called them over.  They were very obedient and came straight way. Hit a snag when there was nowhere to lean my bike but Santa was really obliging and offered to have the bike on the board.  I asked them what the occasion was and it is just a bit of fun before their annual Christmas Dinner tonight.  A scary moment occurred when Santa nearly fell in whilst getting the bike back on dry land.  He would have been safe though with that big fat suit on.

Covered 18 miles today.  Won't be out tomorrow so will fall short of the weekly target. Never mind.

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