Monday, 5 December 2016

A Wander around Worle 12

Another dreary sort of a day, a bit cold but nowhere near freezing.  Not going too far today, it's Old Gits Day tomorrow, last week, the day before, did a strenuous ride up Canada Combe and it affected the Old Gits day a bit.  Mind you, it was very pleasant out there a week ago.  Fingers crossed.  Called at Weston Hospital on the way out to see John, the Oldist Git (spelling is intentional) who has been in for a few weeks now.  Third time lucky today, all the infections are clear now and I spent nearly an hour with him.  Good to see he is the same John as when I last saw him apart from losing a bit of weight.

Bike Shed

I call this a sensible bike rack/shed.  Saw this in Weston Hospital and I presume is for the staff who work there.  Note that it is weather proof and is lockable so those are real bonuses.  It was noticed that the owners still leave a big 'D' lock securing the bikes to the racks.

Sculptor trail

Saw this at the end of Winterstoke Road and a nearby sign indicates that this is the start of a community sculptor trail through a nearby housing estate.  Local scuplturers were invited to create pieces that reflect on local life and about 13 have been created.  Most are on a cycle path that goes through the estate so there is a project for the next few days. This globe represents the nearby wartime airfield that sent planes and airmen all over the world and the bike rack represents cycles.

After a short ride around the Worle town centre headed for the prom and home.  A very modest 12 miles covered today.

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