Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cold Old Gits 25

Not very nice out there first thing.  The forecast was spot on, it was freezing, possibly 2 or 3 below.  Despite plenty of layers, balaclava, long johns, double gloves and ski socks it was not too comfortable going round especially when the moderate wind was in our faces.  By the time we reached the coffee stop most of us could not feel hands or feet.  Two cups and a big slab of cake soon brought our temperatures up and the second part of the ride was a lot more tolerable.

Tucking in

14 made the ride today although one dropped out early on (just before the biggest hit - suspicious!) with a puncture. One caught us up later after a lie in.  The tea and coffee was just what the doctor ordered if only to warm hands on.  Tree included as it is the end of November!

Alright for some!

The owners of the cafe, Tina and Jane have a nice sense of humour.  This is in one corner of the conservatory. Extreme right in the above shot.  Not sure who the character is supposed to be.  Answers on a five pound note (new or old, it doesn't matter) to yours truly.

Not the best of rides although the sun shone most of the way round.  The last 8 of the 25 were actually quite pleasant.

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