Monday, 28 November 2016

Conceded to Canada Combe - again! 15

Canada Combe being a nasty little lane that runs from Hutton to Bleadon over the Mendip Hills.  A climb of 300 feet over a mile (not much to some folks) it is challenging for cyclists of more mature years, made even more so with a nasty little kick right in the middle of it.  It was that kick that forced me to get off and walk for 20 metres or so.  One of these days!
One item of possible interest, halfway up Canada Combe, stopped for a brief rest before tackling the steepest bit.  Saw something out of the corner of my eye and looking across saw a buzzard in flight, about 10 meters away and about 5 metres off the ground.  That was quite exciting but the icing on the cake was it was carrying a small rabbit in its talons. Unfortunately it was soon out of sight, it would have been brilliant to have photographed that.  Not much chance really, it was all over in less than a second!

Knightstone Island

Started off along the promenade as a warm up and stopped towards the end to admire Knightstone Island.  Not really an island any more being joined to the mainland by a short causeway.  Some really nice apartments on there.  On the horizon to the left is Steep Holme a small uninhabited island in the Bristol Channel.  A nice clear day as you can see, much better than the forecast.  Lots of layers went on but turned out a bit over the top especially working to get over the Mendips.

A good training stint today, covered 15 miles.  Did call in to the hospital again to see the poorly Old Git but there is Nova Virus on the ward so that part of the ride failed as well!

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