Sunday, 27 November 2016

Burnham by Bike 33

Not going out for a couple of days means a decent spin out today is needed if the target for the week is to be achieved.  Started and finished going along the promenade at Weston, an easy enough jaunt that puts nearly 6 miles on the clock.  A bit of a dull day but its dry and the wind is not too bad.  

Pony and wagonette

Not much to photograph out there today, but coming back through East Brent saw this fairly unusual form of transport clip clopping along the road. The two ladies (and the pony) were happy to stop and pose which was very kind of them.  The cart is not a cart or a trap, the technical name is a wagonette as the rider explained. The are seats in the back which will take a couple more people.  Not sure what the pony thinks of that though.

Did just over 33 miles today which took the weekly total to 100.6!  Just done it.

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