Thursday, 8 December 2016

Burnham on Sea - usual route 27

Another pleasant day.  First job of course is to replace the damaged tyre and throw the old cover away.  With that done, I wasn't too happy with the pressure reading on my old pump.  The tyre seemed very hard but the reading was low.  I know where to get this sorted (see below).

Bike Charity

This cycle hire, repair and sale place is in Clarence Park, just a short distance from where I live.  I called in and saw Martin, the manager there and he was very helpful and sorted out the pressure in the tyre. It looks like mine has been giving a reading about half of the true pressure!  This is a registered charity that helps disadvantaged children and Martin kindly gave me some leaflets so that the scope of their activities can be put on here.  Sorry Martin, those leaflets have become mislaid somehow so I need to pop in and see you again so that more information can be put on here.
The premises by the way is the old cricket pavilion and in days of yore, county cricket was played here.

Made it!

Having a cup of tea at Burnham it dawned on me that time was getting on and it might be a struggle to get back in the light.  Not too happy about riding back on the busier roads, despite having decent lights but put the metal to the pedal and made it ok.  This was taken on the beach near where I live and about 10 minutes later is was virtually dark.  Phew.

27 miles covered today.


  1. Enjoy reading your blog Ken

    Keep it up.

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  3. Oooooh I never knew that was there in Clarence Park! Thanks for that.