Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rooksville RTD (Rapid Tyre Deflation) 21

Was trying to get to Burnham today, one of the warmest on record for December.  Well into double figures on the thermometer, no need for massive gloves or balaclavas today, that's for sure.  The plan was to take a slightly longer route for a change until there was a loud 'pop' from the front wheel going along the A38 at Rooksville.

Into repair mode

Stopped on the side of the road, luckily there was a pavement and not too far from civilisation (note the garage on the left).  Couldn't see any obvious sign of damage to the cover until it came off and there were 3 places where it looked like cuts to the fabric had gone all the way through.  The first assessment was someone would have to give me a lift home or at least bring a new tyre out but, necessity being the mother of invention, three carefully placed large patches, glued to the inside of the tyre, was the approach I took.  The old tube was not repairable but there was a new one in the trusty rucksack and when fitted, and air put in, seemed to be OK.  It seemed prudent to head straight back home which proved a good option, no further trouble.

Covered just under 21 today, guess who is going to be busy this afternoon!

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