Saturday, 10 December 2016

Puxton in the rain 20

Not very nice out there this morning.  The forecast did say no rain between 9 and 12. Oh well, they can't get it right all the time.  Showers were forecast and we had a long one; between 9 and 12!  Had all the waterproof gear on so arrived home quite dry.  Went out through Worle to Hewish and Puxton before returning via Banwell and Locking.

Not 'The Cracker'.

Starting off down the promenade noticed quite a few elves and Santas running down the beach.  The big race for charity, The Weston 'Cracker', is due to be held tomorrow, Sunday so there was a mystery afoot.  Cycling down the prom I met these two characters, a dinosaur and Uncle Sam.  The latter is Dave, an Old Git, and he explained that this race is called Not the Cracker because it is!  These are the marshals for tomorrows big event (2,500 runners) and this gives them a run over the course and a breakfast later.  As members of the club they are ineligible to run in the main race.  The other two photos are general shots of the Non-Cracker race.

Looks like a good time was had by all.

Enjoyed that despite the rain.  The 20 miles covered took me over the weekly 100 target.

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