Friday, 11 November 2016

Congresbury Crawl 22

A much better day weatherwise.  The wind has dropped quite dramatically and with the sun trying to get through, the ride out this afternoon was not too bad at all.  With the nights getting darker, earlier, need to keep an eye on the time going out after lunch.  Went out to Congresbury and then cut down the Strawberry Line to Sandford and back to Weston via Banwell.

Carnival Time

Weston is getting geared up for the big annual carnival.  Several towns, Bridgwater, Burnham, Weston and a couple of others, share the floats which are huge and very ornate with loads of lights and excellent sound systems.  It is on tonight in Weston, starting at 7.15 pm, and will drive around the town centre.  How they get some of these monstrosities around the side streets is amazing.  These are all parked on one of the main municipal car parks getting ready for the show tonight, Shot taken from the road bridge near the railway station.

Strawberry line

Rode on this stretch that runs between Congresbury and Sanford.  Not much going on, in the summer it is very busy with walkers and cyclists.

Unusual Bike Rack (1)

This one is at the Thatchers Brewery in Sanford.  There is also a pub on site, The Railway Inn, and this caters for those patrons.  Seems a bit of an odd design to me, once the central stands are used, the criteria for securing the bike will have to be a high crossbar or a long lock!  OK for horses I suppose unless they are Shetlands!

Good ride today, back before lighting up time and covered just over 22 miles.

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