Thursday, 10 November 2016

Burnham not Bridgwater 29

Left the house planning to go to Bridgwater, and as it was still blowing from the NW, catch the train back.  Once out there however, though still windy, it did not seem as bad as yesterday so changed tack and did the usual circular route to Burnham on Sea instead.

Railway Signal Burnham

This signal is stuck on the grass verge on the road leading to Burnham sea front.  There was a railway line here years ago when there was a service to the sea front for freight and passengers going over to Wales. The line ceased to exist in 1951,  but someone must have decided to keep this signal as a reminder of those days. Have travelled along this road loads of times, just never spotted this before.
Just prior to taking this picture, a couple of cyclists overtook me and shouted they were going into Weatherspoons, a pub on the sea front. I declined as I normally go to the Bay View Cafe on the promenade. Reflecting on this whilst taking this shot I realised that there was an implied invitation to join them for coffee. It did seem a bit stand offish not to meet up with them so called in to Weatherspoons and sat and had a good chat with them over a coffee and bacon batch.


Leaving Weatherspoons I rode part the way home with the two cyclists and left them to go on to Bleadon whilst I went through the nature reserve near Uphill.  This view, dropping down towards the village, shows the marina just right of centre and Brean Down on the left. In the far distance are the mountains in South Wales on the other side of the Bristol Channel.

That was a good decision not to go to Bridgewater, enjoyed the company at the tea stop and covered more miles, nearly 29 in all.

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