Saturday, 12 November 2016

That Bleadon Hill again 14

Just need to do 13 miles to take the weekly total to the 100.  Left it till the afternoon as the morning was a bit drab and miserable, whereas after lunch it brightened up a bit and was remarkably warmer than it has been this week so far. Not going too far so use the time to get some hill work in by taking the mountain bike up Bleadon Hill and completing a reasonable circuit through Hutton and Worle.

View from the top

Climbed about 440 feet to the top of the climb and was rewarded with a stunning view looking south towards Devon.  Brent Knoll sticking up in the middle and the skies were clearing well over to the right.  Should not get wet today then.

Canada Coombe

This is the steep descent to get off the top of the hill.  It is about 1 in 4 in one spot and it is a hill that is yet to be conquered without getting off and walking the hard bit.  One of these days.  Near mid November and still a lot of green about. Note to self; mind that pile of horse manure when continuing the descent.

Forgot to mention a couple of days ago. Clocked up 1000 rides since starting cycling, covering just 19,000 miles in the 4 years (30,000 kilometres sound more impressive).  Commence 'smug mode'!  The 14 miles today helped.


  1. Thanks for that. Got to push yourself occasionally Did 30 yesterday, flat as a pancake, what a difference!