Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Old Gits got soaked! 22

Out with the Old Gits today doing a reverse of the normal route to the Caffles garden centre.  This is out via Sand Bay, Wick St Lawrence and on to Hewish.  Normally back through Puxton but because of dark storm clouds looming we returned our normal route.

Sand Bay

A brief stop at Sand Bay to regroup. Note the blue skies and the general consensus was it was a beautiful day to be out on a bike.

A short time later...

The decision was taken, because of a storm looming, that it would be best to take the quickest route home.  Possibly was the right move but we all got soaked anyway trying to get back and beat a thunder storm.  This is part of the group sheltering under an archway in St Georges as it was persisting down at this point.  The other half had stopped further back we think, sheltering under a tree.  The bottom line was we all got soaked but, skin is waterproof.

A slightly shorter mileage today, just under 22 miles.

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