Thursday, 15 September 2016

Willoughby Wander 37

In Leamington for a couple of days, out this morning with Graham for a ride out to Willoughby.  Met up at 8.30 and went out through Cubbington, Birdingbury to Willoughby and back through Long Itchington.  Left Leamington in very murky conditions bordering on fog, enough to warrant putting our rear lights on.

Leamington Hastings

Nice feature in the village 'centre', an old cart, milk float with a display of flowers.  This has been done before but taken again to prove to a fellow cyclist, Lucy, that we have been through her village!

Willoughby Cafe

Out on the A5 on the Warwickshire/Northampton shire border, this is a transport cafe that makes a good cup of tea and toast.  Not too many truckers in this morning.  Left here about 11, no sign of the fog clearing.

Still murky when we got back to Leamington just after 12. No sun shining on us today.  Clocked up 37 miles all told.

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