Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Burnham on Sea - usual route 30

Just doing the normal route to Burnham. It is not too tasking, hardly any hills and the weather is quite warm with not too much wind.  Not feeling 100% today, this cough is dragging on a bit now and despite a course of antibiotics and penicillin is still omnipresent (now there is a good word). Called at the local surgery on the way out and should be seeing a quack in the morning.

No through road.

Riding south down the A370, whilst quite a wide road and not too busy mid morning it is good practice to take the several little loop roads that run alongside it.  The second one, The Crescent, was blocked by this contractor chopping down the big hedge on the right.  In all fairness, he did offer to move but it was no bother to go back round the main road.

Not again!
A short distance along the A370, turned left onto Boat Lane another loop past the main road.  This was at the entrance. At least there is some thought for the poor old cyclist.

A short distance along Boat Lane, this ws the issue, a trench across the road.  At least it was easy to get through on the left hand side, watching out for thorns etc on the floor.  Carried on then through Mark to Burnham for a cup of tea and back to Weston .

Felt a bit drained after that 30 miler. Too much penicillin perhaps?

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