Friday, 30 September 2016

To Nailsea, back on the train

Took a wind assisted trip down to Nailsea today via Yatton, Clevedon (with a slight detour to call on my daughter) and Tickenham.  For the third time of trying, found the town centre this time!  Weather was pretty good, have definitely moved into autumn now, but it is still pleasant.  The fairly straight line between Blackwell and Weston does not count.  Operator error in not pausing the Strava which meant the train journey counted as well!
Update on the cough, went to the surgery again this morning and yes, it is still lingering, but to quote the nurse that checked me over, "There is nothing sinister going on in there."  Nice to know.  Now on another course of penicillin.

Oh dear

Don't tell the Sergeant.  Not sure what these bobbies were doing on the beach but they had got themselves stuck in the soft sand.  The council beach 'marshal' carries a tow rope and he looked as if he would pull them out.  Did not stay and watch, the PC was not too impressed this was being recorded!

The Glassblower

Just outside Nailsea town centre is this statue.  It commemorates the fact that there was a glassblowing factory in Nailsea from 1788 to 1873.  Dependant on local coal, the factory closed when the local coal dried up.  Some of the work, that produced by workers at the end of their shifts, is sought after still by collectors from around the world.

Cafe 119

With 20 minutes to spare before the next train to Weston, cycled into town and found this cafe.  Just had a cup of tea due to shortage of time but when I got to the station the train was delayed for 10 mins.  I could have had some cake after all!

Better late than never

Didn't think there would be enough time to buy a ticket before getting on the train, there is no office here, just a machine.  Boarded the train without one and paid the guard chappie when he came round.

Strava shows 36.4 miles but a check shows the train travelled about 11 miles.  This is going in the log as a 25 miler.

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