Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Old Gits Plus 28

Out with the Old Gits today, doing the same route as last week.  Still putting shorts on so although it is officially autumn, and looks like it, the weather is holding up in our favour.  A good crowd out today.  One sour note, 5 miles into the trip, crossing the Banwell Road, had to change the inner tube on the from wheel after a chunk of glass caused a puncture.


Another cyclist had prewarned us about road works in Puxton Lane heading towards Hewish.  There was a few minutes delay as the diggers were taking up the whole of the road for short times.  Don't want too long a delay though, we haven't reached the coffee stop yet.

And GO!

That didn't take too long, five minutes maximum.  Like coiled springs, we were well ready for the board the change..

and we were off and away to Caffles at Hewish for tea and cake.  Picked up some new plastic fivers in change.  The claim is that they are virtually indestructible although I could make them disappear in a flash!

Another good ride with the old boys.  On the road to Weston, I peeled off just before Sand Bay and added 3 miles on the make it 28 today.

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