Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sand Bay Saunter 18

Another lovely summer's day, at last, ideal day to have a bimble around.  Not going too far, just over to Sand Bay, and back through the cycle paths that lead into Weston.  A well ridden path this, did not think it was likely I would find any subjects to photograph.

Rabbit up a Tree

Not for the faint hearted this one.  Cycling along the old Toll Road that skirts Weston on route to Sand Bay, spotted this cuddly, well once it was, toy. It was a white rabbit nailed by its ears about 12 feet up a tree trunk. You can just spot it nearer the top of the picture.  Some kid must have loved it one time but it has come to a sad end now.

Vintage Foden Lorry

Another surprise appeared after Sand Bay.  Seen in a farm entrance,  this old Foden Lorry seems to have been put out on display for passers by. No-one around unfortunately to get the history behind this one.  Liveried to Sandford Haulage Co. the phone number to contact them by was Banwell 98.  I think that alone dates it back in the 50s or 60s at least.

Another good ride today.  Two very different subjects for the blog, completely out of the blue.  Just pays to keep focussed for the unlikely.  18 miles for the day, 119 for the week.  Result.

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