Saturday, 4 June 2016

Lovely Levels 33

Good day for cycling, little wind, not too warm and traffic is fairly light.  Heading off towards the Somerset Levels for an easy spin round, that is apart from the rail and motorway bridges.

Pink Thyme Cottage

Went out through Bleadon to Mark and continued south through Watchfield to Burnham for the usual tea stop.  Saw, and heard, a skylark at Mark and stopped and added it to my Birds of Britain phone app. Seen loads in the past but not since getting this app.  Also saw a weasel running down the road a short time later. A bit of a double bonus today.  In East Brent, on the way back, took a photo of this new build in the village.  Pink Thyme is a suitable name for it. I must admit, I do like the clock on the end gable. The owners just need to get the time right now, I took this at about 2.30pm!

A nice 33 miles reaching the weekly target  Yay.

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