Thursday, 2 June 2016

Berkeswell Bash 39

It's June for heavens sake, not the time of year when it is necessary to wear woollen gloves! Which, by the way, were not with me on my visit to Leamington, but nice and snug back in a drawer at Weston.  It was about 11 degrees this morning when I headed into a fresh north wind to meet Mick. Luckily, it warmed up later.  Went from Kenilworth, through Warwick University and out through Tile Hill to Berkeswell.

A nice tea room.

In Berkeswell, made a beeline for the village stores.  Mick had earlier scoped this out and this proved to be a success. A little village store (not too many left now) with a small room at the back with a couple of tables in.  We had tea (in china cup and saucers), a toasted tea cake each and shared a slice of home made carrot cake.  This was to celebrate Mick's birthday a couple of days earlier.  Certainly can recommend this stop should you be in the vicinity.  The photo shows Jenny the store helper with the birthday boy.

Scarecrow Time

Going back through Burton Green to get onto the Greenway, this 'poster' is advertising the forthcoming annual scarecrow competition which is held annually on the Greenway.  Not sure if that will be on when I am next up this way.

A good ride today, made better as the wind blew me back to Leamington.  Added a bit on at the end to make it 40 but miscalculated and ended up clocking 39.3 miles.   Grrrrrrrr

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