Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Old Gits plus a bit more 29

Out with the Old Gits today and we increased the mileage a little bit by taking a detour through Christon and Loxton which added a few miles onto the usual route.  Lovely day for it although the wind was a bit of a nuisance on a couple of the longer straight sections heading north.  A reasonable turnout today, 13 up to the coffee stop where we were joined by another Old Git for the section back to home.

Carved Owl

Spotted this on the main road leading into Winscombe.  A very nice carved owl, shaped  to sit on top of an old tree trunk.  Possibly carved with a chain saw.  Been by this place dozens of times over the last 18 months, just seen it!

29 miles today, including a short loop around Uphill at the end. 

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