Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Weston Wander 8

Started off the ride with the intention of going down the coast a way to Brean and then on to Brean Down itself to see the ponies that have been let loose on there.  Had a little job to do in the town first and by the time that was done I realised that actually it was quite a cold wind this morning and not having the right clothing on, abandoned the original idea and had a mooch around instead.

Dolphin Square

Well, what was Dolphin Square, now being revamped as a shopping 'experience'.  This is the first stage of the development, looking at the skeleton of it, this is going to be the multi screen cinema. Bet the current Odeon is chuffed about that unless they are moving into it.  Took this photo from the top of the multi story car park opposite. The upper floors were all blocked off so had the place to myself. Such fun!


Took me a time to realise what a vapour shop was till I looked in the window. Not perfume then.  A newish trend in the town, using bikes as advertising hoardings. Cheap I suppose and easy to move around.

Knightstone Island

Not really an island now, it was once. This is the causeway built by the Victorians to enclose a part of the beach for bathing.  Depending on the light and the sky, always a good subject this.  Not so good this morning.

Tattoo anyone?

Another bike used to advertise, this time a tattoo parlour on the seafront.  This old bike looks far more rideable than the previous one.  From here, tried to ride back along the beach but gave up half way home. The wind was behind me but the sand was a lot softer than previous occasions making it hard work.

Just under 8 miles today.

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