Thursday, 26 May 2016

Brean Down Drag 25

Not a drag really, a terrific ride today but quite hard work at times.  Tried to do this one Monday but it was a bit chilly then.  Glad I waited until today, it was gorgeous out there today.  Ideal for sight seeing from the top of a hill.

Brean Down

This is a continuation of the Mendip Hill Range terminating in two small islands out to sea, Steep and Flat Holm.  It is a mile from home, as the crow flies, but 9 miles to get round to it by road.  The River Axe gets in the way unfortunately.  Had to walk up the first steep climb but the reward was a stunning view across Weston Bay.  I live in the white buildings seen directly above the bike saddle.

Brean Sands

Another little climb to an old lookout post, looking south towards North Devon across the lovely stretch of Sand at Brean and Berrow.  Loads of sand yachting goes on here.

Trig Point

This is the highest point of Brean Down, 318 feet above sea level.  Hard work getting up to here mind.  The uninhabited island of Steep Holm can be seen in the distance.

Brean Fort

Dropping down to the seaward end of the promentary, Brean Fort comes into view.  Built in the mid 1860s to keep the French out of the Bristol Channel, it was recommisioned during the second World War.  It is now derelict.

Enjoyed that 25 miles.


  1. Such a lovely spot.Walked up there many times but never cycled there..........yet

  2. Hard work in places Lyn but well worth the effort on such a nice day.

  3. Beautiful pics and snap I've been there too, in the days when mobility wasn't such an issue for me. We stayed at Warren Farm when in that direction great campsite and there were loads of goats and horned sheep about up there when I last visited!