Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Old Gits plus a bit 28

Old Gits ride out today.  Doing the reverse route to normal and as we were ahead of schedule at the coffee break, added an extra 4 miles on at the end by riding out to the nature reserve at Uphill before finishing. Too nice a day not too.

Relaxing at Caffles

Arrived early at the coffee stop at Caffles, luckily they had opened before 10 for another group of people, so we did not have to hang about at all.  Took advantage of the nice morning to sit outside and have our vittles.  Note the new addition to the place, a hat stand, on the left, somewhere to put our gear whilst munching.

We boldly go........

Leaving Caffles we took a scenic route back to Weston and in Puxton Lane was confronted with a road closure sign.  Past experience has led us to believe that cyclists will always get through, so let's go and have a look.

Told you so!

Sure enough it was properly close but some banter with the workers gave us a right of passage.  The suggestion that the blokes could get their deck chairs out after we had gone went down quite well.

Steady past the horses

This fellow was particularly skittish as we edged by.  We were assured it was not the age of the riders or the fluorescent orange tops that were the problem, it was the bikes that did it.  That was a relief all round.

Fly tipping - again

Added a few miles on at the end, it was such a beautiful day.  Using the bridle track that runs between Accommodation Road and Uphill saw this load of junk.  A real eyesore in such a lovely area. Builders waste, bedding and car wheels and tyres.  Outrageous.  The council have been informed.

Thoroughly enjoyed that ride today.  Just over 28 miles covered.

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