Thursday, 19 May 2016

Draycote Dash 32

In Leamington today so met up with Graham and had a spin out to Draycote Water, a reservoir near Rugby.

Wisteria Cottage

Met Graham at 9am and we rode out through Cubbington, Weston under Wetherley to Marton.  Turning off the main road towards Birdingbury saw this charming cottage covered in wisteria.  According to Google, the largest wisteria, a member of the pea family, is in Sierra Madre in California. It covers more than an acre and weighs 250 tons.  Planted in 1878 that would cover a few cottages.

Draycote Water

Made it out to the reservoir ok, but see next photo.  This is one of the pumping stations that pushes water out to the surrounding towns.  I had gone on a bit to take this whilst Graham stopped to put his glasses on as there may well be a few midges about the water.


Just as I took the photo above a shout came from Graham that he had a puncture.  We had just ridden down a disused railway line for a couple of miles to reach this point and must have picked up a thorn or similar. Annoyingly, we could not find the cause of the deflation so to be on the safe side, changed the inner tube.  I tried to contact my granddaughter who lives in nearby Stockton to meet us for coffee at the Draycote cafe but as she couldn't make it, we diverted on our route back to Leamington and called in to see her for another cup of tea.  Word of caution, warm up the butter if you have scones at the cafe, trying to spread cold butter on the scones made them all crumbly!

A good ride in decent weather. Clocked up 32 miles.

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