Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Old Gits Run to Cheddar - Nearly! 28

Out with the Old Gits today heading to Cheddar for a cup of tea before noshing at the normal coffee stop. Lovely start to the day with clear blue skies and headed out with 12 other Old Gits.  Unfortunately the Strava did not work so the map is hand draw but is a good representation.

Another puncture

Just on the far side of Banwell a dreaded puncture in my front wheel.  The 'slime' that was in the tube worked at low pressure but made riding hard work.  Far better to change the tube.  Thanks to John and Norman for helping out, but faffing about with the change meant that we had to forego getting to Cheddar.


Took a little diversion in Winscombe after deciding not to go as far as Cheddar.  Found this little square off the beaten track before heading to the Strawberry Line where we could wait for the main body of Old Gits.

Last of the Summer Wine

Approaching Axbridge, found an ideal spot to sit and ponder the meaning of life, the scenery and how much will a new tyre cost.  Overlooking the Somerset Levels looking towards Brent Knoll, spent ten minutes identifying the various villages we could see.  No sign of the others, it was time to go down the Strawberry Line, through the long tunnel, and on to the coffee stop at Caffles in Hewish.

Thatchers' Orchard

At the end of The Strawberry Line, well the section we rode on, the path takes us through one of the apple orchards that belong to Thatchers the cider makers.  The trees were well into the blossom stage so it is important that there are no frosts in the next few days.  After tea and toast, the last 7 miles to home were not very pleasant as there was a headwind and it started to rain.

Clocked up 28 miles today

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