Thursday, 21 April 2016

Huntspill Haul 35

Pushing up the mileage a bit on the Somerset Levels today.  Out to Mark, towards Burtle and turned off to Huntspill, Burnham and Brean.  Not a bad day, a tad windy on the way back but a fairly comfortable ride all told.

Milk Churns

A relic from bygone days.  These were outside a farm on the road from Mark towards Glastonbury. Back in the 60s, these were a common sight outside most farms, put out after milking in the morning to be collected by lorry later. These type held 10 gallons of milk but by the end of the 60s milk was transported and stored in bulk tankers.  The name churn comes from the original milk container, made of wood which was used to churn the milk to make butter.  A decent one of these will fetch a good price on e-bay so I trust these are bolted down or filled with concrete!

Secret World

Just on the outskirts of Highbridge, the charity run animal centre focuses on mice, badgers, otters and foxes etc who have been injured and the aim is to get them back into the wild.  Run purely by volunteers, it does have the occasional open day where the public is allowed in for free. Check their website for details.

Failed project?

Not much hope for this old wreck.  Must have seemed like a good idea at the time but judging by the length of time (and creepers) that this has been here, even the scrappies are not interested.  Heading now for Burnham to the Bay View Cafe for tea and cheese on toast.

Happy Birthday Ma'am

Queen Elizabeth II is 90 today and the nation is celebrating. Most public buildings have the flags out as do quite a few private houses. I attended the lighting of a beacon this evening at Uphill, one of 600 across the land.  Long may she reign.

95% on the flat today, nice and easy 35 miles clocked up.

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