Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bleadon Hill 2 (For Geoff) 24

Tackled Bleadon Hill properly today after a chance discussion with Geoff, an Old Git, yesterday.  We were commenting how challenging Bleadon Hill is how we don't go up it at all.  Always up for a 'challenge' made my way to the southern side of Bleadon Hill and rode non stop to the top.

St Peter and St Paul Church, Bleadon.

Took this picture before starting the 430' climb to the top of the hill, not that Divine intervention was possible or sought after, but you never know.  Two or three places were quite challenging, especially on the bends, but went into 'smug mode' when the top was reached.


After climbing Bleadon Hill, amazing views from the top by the way, Wales to the west, Glastonbury to the east, North Devon to the south, it was a delight to drop down into Hutton. Stopped half way down for this picture, very picturesque with the sun shining through the trees.

Clocked 23.9 milestoday

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