Friday, 22 April 2016

Bleadon Hill 3 21

Not a good day for a bike ride!  The BBC weather forecast said rain after 1.  For once, did not get that right. Left home around 10 and it started raining immediately afterwards!  Luckily had the wet weather gear with me so not a real problem, it is just that a bit of sun is far more cheerful.  Tackled Bleadon Hill again today, from the opposite direction this time, the railway cutting end.  The climb was about 225' so not too bad.  Still needed the lowest gears on the mountain bike.  If you read this Geoff, your turn next.

Bleak View

Went out to Winscombe to do a little bit of business and back home through Banwell.  Stopped at Banwell Garden Centre for tea and toast, a nice place, to be recommended for quality and price.  Back into Weston, hadn't taken any photographs so as a token shot, this is what Weston Beach and Brean Down looks like on a wet, drab day.  There were quite a few house martins flying over the beach, just got back from Africa no doubt. Should have left it a day or two later lads.

21 miles today..

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