Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Breakfast Club Caper. 25

Staying in Leamington for a couple of days so cannot get photos etc I here for a couple of days. Went out this morning to the retired Police Officer's weekly breakfast club at Wellesbourne Airfield. Made a circuit of it by going out through Warwick and back through Walton, Morton Morrell and Tachbrook. Weather was very spring like today, perfect for cycling.

Ye Olde Worlde Plough

Seen on the road between Wellesbourne and Loxley.  A common sight in bygone days, a museum piece now. Drawn by horses this single furrow plough would turn over an acre of soil a day. Nowadays, huge tractors pulling six furrow jobs would do 10 times that.  Nice to see the owners of Woodlands Farm like to hang onto our heritage.

Walton Hall (again)

A different view from the bridge at Walton Hall. The weeping willow is a nice addition to the landscape.

And again

A view of the approach to Walton Hall, a large hotel set in beautiful surroundings near to the village of Wellesbourne.  A nice avenue of trees leading down to the main entrance.

A good ride again, good to meet up with the gang and be out in what is definitely spring like weather now.  Covered 25 miles complete with egg on toast and a mug of tea.

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