Thursday, 14 April 2016

Beausale Burst 24

Yesterday's blog has been updated with map and photographs.

A morning free in Leamington so best use the time with a ride round.  A big circuit today taking in Barford, Hatton, Beausale, Leek Wootton and on returning to Leamington, calling in for a cup of tea with a riding friend Graham who is temporarily unable to get out on a bike at the moment. It feels like taking the mickey a bit, calling round on the bike, but he will enjoy the visit and he makes a good cup of tea. (Note to Mick - no cake this time, disaster!).  I was hoping to find some clumps of bluebells to photograph but there was nothing worth taking on this trip.

Wits End

Near to Norton Lindsey, spotted this house name which I found amusing.  Did you know that the large stone balls on the gateways to houses originate from ancient times when your enemies heads were cut off and put on spikes around your property to deter strangers?  A bit of a gruesome reminder these days.

M40 Motorway

A bit of a snapshot of the M40 near Norton Lindsey looking north towards Birmingham. Traffic moving well today. Not always the case at this point during rush hour.

Puncture !!

It was all going swimmingly as well.  Just going through the outskirts of Beausale when the front tyre deflated. "Oh golly gosh" I said to myself.  Didn't take too long to change the tube.  The tyres are Gatorskins which are reinforced but that didn't stop something sticking a hole in the tube. Couldn't find what it was.

Not a bad ride, a bit overcast but it didn't rain and it was reasonably warm.  Covered just over 24 miles today.


  1. Dear Mr Lambert
    Please accept my apologies for the lack of cake availability during your tea stop today. The kitchen staff were taking industrial action as they too were at 'Wits End'. Hopefully normal service will be resumed for your next visit.
    Kind regards The Management

  2. Apology accepted. The substitute biscuits were acceptable and very much appreciated. Perhaps when normal service is resumed in the cycling department the kitchen staff will knuckle down properly.