Sunday, 17 April 2016

Wedmore Whirl 43

The weather looked good for a ride this morning so set off to do a long one.  The target was Wedmore, near Cheddar then cut across the Somerset Levels to Burnham, tea and toast, then home.  The plan very nearly worked!


When I was in Warwickshire last week, rode nearly 50 miles looking for bluebells but could only see the odd clump now and then.  Half a mile from home today, at Uphill saw this lot. In all fairness, have been keeping an eye on these for some time but it is only now they are reaching their prime.  Always a lovely sight at this time of year.

Steam Traction Engine

Born out of the Industrial Revolution, these magnificent engines were one of the mainstays of the era.  Fuelled by coal and producing steam to drive the pistons, this one was at Westhay after going through Wedmore. It was actually powered up and was chugging away to itself surrounded by men in greasy overalls and oil cans. The smell took me back to my steam trainspotting days.

Punch and Judy

A childrens classic, this was on the promenade at Burnham.  The crowd was a bit larger than the two toddlers sat on the floor, there were quite a few to the right, just out of shot.  I didn't stay long, it would have been interesting to see how the puppeteer put across the wife beating, murder and child molestation in these enlightened times.

Ye Olde Sweete Shoppe

The normal cafe at Burnham, The Bay View Cafe is a preferred choice of mine but it was rammed packed with motorcyclists.  This quaint little place is nearby  but unfortunately, the lady serving was about 108 years old and was struggling to open a jar of sweets for another customer. After 3 or 4 minutes I went off the idea of a drink and headed for home.

Good day out today, just over 43 miles, a years best, and the most in a single ride since July last year doing the Great Western Ride.

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