Monday, 11 April 2016

Berrow for Eggs 19

After an atrocious morning's weather, the sun came out during the afternoon so did my bike.  Took an easy ride round on the Levels after a couple of days on some serious (well to me anyway) hills.  Went out through Uphill to East Brent, skirted Brent Knoll and across to Berrow.  Must be spring, I wore shorts and no gloves, other than the normal protective ones.

The Egg Shop.

Whilst in Berrow, it was a good opportunity to call at Westcroft Eggs and pick up half a dozen.  They were just about to close up so caught them in time.  Cracking eggs it has to be said (pun intended) far superior to supermarket ones and cheaper.  

 More Fly Tipping

This time in Wayacre Drove, just off Accomodation Road.  Such a shame people have to do this.  Looks like another builder has dumped a load of bathroom debris.  Council to be informed tonight.

Both sides of the road as well

19 miles today, nice and steady, just the job.

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