Sunday, 10 April 2016

Winscombe Whirl 21

With 99 on the clock for the week so far, need to get out today to reach the target. No sweat, its a dry, sunny day but with a fresh SE wind.  Taking the mountain bike out again to tackle a couple of hills that other cyclists seem to do on a regular basis.

M5 Petrol Signs

The Highways Agency has decided to conduct an experiment to help the motorists decide where to buy fuel from rather than the current 'captive audience' that is Mr Motorist.  Fuel prices are displayed with the distances to the next services.  This is being rolled out just on the M5 before being considered nationwide. Either way, the motorist is still paying 12/14 pence a litre more for motorway fuel than that in the towns. That equates to £5 or more extra for a tankful.

Beware Frogs/Toads

This sign seen on Winscombe Hill leading from the village to the A38. This is a climb of about 280' over 3/4 mile with some tight little steep turns on it. This sign was a good excuse to stop and take a breather. Obviously, the local amphibians, at this time of year, like to mooch about for all sorts of reasons and if the locals are aware they can hopefully avoid them. Must be working, didnt see any squashed ones at all.

St James the Great church Winscombe.

A bit further on, another excuse to stop and take this photo of a delightful little church set on the side of the valley.  The church of St James the Great has 12/13th century origins but the present building dates from the 15th century.  It is a Grade 1 listed buiding.   The gates are particularly ornate.

Banwell Garden Centre

Leaving Winscombe, travelled on the A38 a short distance, went through the village towards Banwell. There were no tea shops open at all and was starting to wonder where a cup of tea would come from. Luckily, the garden centre just outside Banwell had a cafe open. Very surprised when I was given 10% discount for being a cyclist. Apparently, it is because we are green!  Nice place, can recommend it. All the tables were prebooked in for Sunday lunch, that must mean something.

21 miles today in windy conditions. Happy with that.

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