Friday, 25 March 2016

Mark Meander 25

Good Friday today, the main roads, no doubt, will be quite busy. Best place to be is on the Somerset Levels, far from the madding crowd.  Did a circuit that is becoming a bit of a favourite, out through Uphill, through Rooksville to Mark and back around Brent Knoll.
Checked on the swan's nest to find that there are 5 eggs in there now.  The pair of swans were close by today so didn't stop, too nice a day to engage in mortal combat with 'em.

M5 Motorway

Traditionally very busy during holiday periods as the masses flock to the coast, today it was flowing quite nicely.  Taken from an overbridge near Rooksville with the Mendip Hills and Crook Peak in the distance.

Mark Village Shop

This was about the halfway point, in the centre of the village and the board outside stated that teas, coffee and snacks were available.  Not today Mr, must be because of the Bank Holiday.  Had to go without a drink today.  Outrageous.

A pleasant 25 plus miles today.

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