Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bridgwater Blow 26

Well, that was exhilerating!  Caught the train down to Bridgwater and took advantage of the strong south wind to get blown back to Weston super Mare.  In fact, according to Strava, the GPS App that records the route, 14 personal best records were broken today.  The average speed was the best recorded so far, 14.3 mph. The straight line on the map was where Strava was paused and resumed whilst on the train.

Here comes the train

Actually, it was the 10.22 to Taunton.  Not very busy on this dull, blustery old morning so no problems storing the bike. 18 minutes later the bike was off and the exploration of Bridgwater began.

Restored crane

Bridgwater stands on the River Parrett and at one time was a busy port. This crane stands on the quayside by the river and would have been used to unload goods from the ships. No longer a port, this crane had fallen into disrepair but has been restored a few years ago to its original state.

26 miles today.

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