Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Highbridge Hop 31

Another reasonable day.  Out with Andy, one of the Old Gits, and today we were out on the Somerset Levels.

Then there were four

Seen on the Vole Road near to Mark.  Went past here a couple of days ago and there was just the one egg.  Now there are four ( I think. Might be three). The swan was actually some distance away when we stopped to have a look but he/she soon came scooting over to protect them.  Thought it might not be a good idea to lug the bike down the bank and prop it up against the nest for a genuine blog shot!


After Mark, went through Highbridge and stopped at the Bay View Cafe on the Burnham on Sea front.  Tea and toast went down very well.  Just near there was this planter with a nice display of hyacinths in it.

Weston Promenade

Arriving back in Weston, just to add a couple of miles, rode down the promenade.  Fairly busy around the Grand Pier area. This shot shows the Winter Gardens on the left and the pier on the right.

Nice bit of sunshine to end the morning with, total today was a tad under 31 miles.


  1. Hi Ken, Good to see you are getting plenty of miles in and no forgetting the birds. Probably just as well you didn't get too close to the Swan's nest. The other bird from an earlier blog, the "sandpiper" looks very much like a Redshank to me. Make a birdwatcher of you yet.

  2. Thanks for that Mick. Are you sure it wasn't a redshank disguised as a sandpiper? It might be handy to carry a small pair of bins when I go down that way.