Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Old Gits Reverse Route 23

Old Gits today and the route is a slight change from the normal one and also reversed.  Out to Sand Bay, through Wick St Lawrence to the tea stop at Hewish and back through the lanes via Banwell.  Not a bad morning at all, slight breeze and not too cold.  It is spring after all.

Meeting up

The rendezvous point for today's ride is Knighstone, a small island at the northern end of the promenade at Weston.  A good turnout today, 16 in total.

Caffles tea stop

Tea and toast at Caffles.  It gets more like Last of the Summer Wine each time we meet up. Today was Gordon's birthday, 81 years old and tradition says he pays for the tea.  Poor bloke picked the wrong week, a record 16 turned up!

Silvermoor Lane Puxton

Some of the Old Gits negotiating a narrow little bridge over one of the many rhynes in this area.  Nice to put a bit of an action shot in.

Captain Chump

Doesnt take too long for the news to get translated into street art.  A nice take on the American presidency candidate Donald Trump.   Heaven help us if he gets in.


Spotted this near the sea front.  The MAVISbus (Multi Agency Vehicle In Service) is a new community bus operated by North Somerset Council. It is also used by the ambulance, police and other community services, working together to help people who have become vulnerable on their night out. It helps the local casualty dept by treating minor injuries and it offers a warm, safe and non judgmental place to go to to get help. Apparently Weston is one of 20 areas that the government has decided needs this sort of assistance at night.  Today, there was a queue of people, with dogs, who had turned up so that their animals could be chipped.

23 miles today

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