Sunday, 6 March 2016

Cheddar Chase 34

A bit chilly out there today with that NW wind streaming down from the Arctic.   A good ride out though despite that. More layers on me than on an onion. Went out around Brent Knoll, through Mark to Wedmore and across to Cheddar and Axbridge before returning on a nice circular route across the Somerset Levels. 


Just about the half way point this.  A compact little village with some decent watering holes, unfortunately this cyclist had left home without any money or debit cards so could not get a drink or snack. Never mind.  The photo is not that interesting, a general view towards the main street and the Swan Inn.  Only taken because I had stopped, and was rumaging in my rucksack for some loose change.

Just over 34 today.  The previous best for the year was 32 at the end of January and the 34 makes 121 for the week another best for the year so far. Must be getting near spring!

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