Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Old Gits Photoshoot 22

Big day today for the Old Gits as we are to be the subject matter for a photographic competition.
The objective of the Competition is to show that in some cultures older people are respected for their wisdom and experience. In others they can become invisible in retirement. The competition is intended to challenge stereotypes of older people, so obviously we were expected to turn up in Club cycling shirts to make a splash. A good turn out today, 12 in all plus a couple meeting up at the normal tea stop.  We met a little later at the northern end of the promenade and did a circular route in reverse to our normal one.


Went on the Old Toll Road to Sand Bay when Arnie had a puncture. As it was a bit muddy in this gateway and the road was quite narrow, decided to put some air in and make it to the nearest safest spot to change the inner tube.

Weston Crematorium

The nearest safe spot happened to be the Ebdon Road Crematorium.  There was some debate as to whether this was the best place to stop for a bunch of Old Boys whose average age is 72.  As it turned out, the problem with the tyre seemed to be slime clogging up the valve which was soon fixed, reinflated, and we were on our way again in five minutes. Nothing for the Grim Reaper today.

Caffles Cafe

Our normal watering hole. After posing for some group and individual photographs, it was inside for a tea and bacon sandwich, on the house. The son of the owners is a professional photographer and it was his idea to enter the competition. Hopefully, when they are published, they can be put on this blog. This is the gang tucking into the free nosh.

Yours Truly

Apart from the group photos, we took it in turns for an individual 'portrait'.   By the size of that lens it should be a fairly close shot despite standing 40' away. 

Heading for home

Nicely filled with tea and a bacon sarnie, it was time to head back.  Not a bad morning weatherwise, it was necessary to wear layers and wet weather gear to keep the cold at bay.  At least it kept dry for the duration.

Recorded just over 22 miles on a slightly altered reverse route.

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