Friday, 4 March 2016

Cheddar Reservoir Romp 28

Today's ride was a mission.  To find Cheddar Reservoir and see whether it may be possible to ride around it.  It certainly looked as if that was possible on the OS map.  Went out through Bleadon and Axminster and returned via Rooksbridge and Lympsham.  A cold wind was blowing from the NW today so plenty of layers were the order of the day.

The Wheel Returns

Had a few little jobs to do in town and on the way down saw that the big wheel has returned.  I think it goes to Birmingham for the winter and here it is, back on the sea front getting ready for the summer.

More Street Art

Not sure who this is supposed to be. It is on the side of Scally's pub in Carlton Street near to the sea front.  This one has the tag JLS on it.

Cheddar Reservoir

Made it. Nearer to Axbridge than Cheddar, in fact this photo, taken half way round shows Axbridge village in the distance.  2.6 miles round and a good surface to boot, I would imagine this gets very busy in the summer months.  A lot of waterfowl about, gulls and ducks including a tufted duck and a great crested grebe. I think that is what they were, not so sure without the benefit of binoculars. Also a lot of pied wagtails at the waters edge. No cafe though, with the cold wind blowing could have done with a cup of tea at this point.


An oasis in the desert this was. Originally the intention was to make a longer circuit on the Levels but the cold wind was a convincing factor to shorten the route.  Heading back along the A38 towards Rooksbridge, saw this roadside cafe in a lay by. Can recommend this place if you are nearby, 90p for a big mug of tea and, a mistake, a big sausage sandwich. Very tasty but too much really with 10 miles to go. Certainly was a chance to warm up and listen to the friendly banter between the customers and the staff.  The lady who served me asked if I was doing the Lands End to John O' Groats run. I explained not, just Weston to Weston!  Apparently, this is a regular stop for those daft enough to be doing the 'end to end'.

Just over 28 miles today.  A cold one, all the layers were needed today.

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