Friday, 18 March 2016

Breezy Burnham 33

A bit chilly out there today, could have done with some long johns on to be honest.  A fresh NE wind is still whistling across the Somerset Levels but wasn't too bad. The tea and toast at Burnham came at the right time.  Not too much to see out there today.

Train Bogies

Seen on an island as you enter Highbridge near one of the industrial sites.  These bogies commemorate the Somerset and Dorset Railway which must have had a big works near here at sometime. Now it is all double glazing, storage and warehouse units.  Donated by a local bloke, perhaps they were too big to take down to the car boot sale.


I may get told off for this one.  Seen on the tidal mudflats at Highbridge I am hoping that this is a sandpiper or my bird watching mate is going to put me right.  A little bit blurry but for a cheapy compact camera, smugly pleased with the end result.

A reasonable ride out, clocked just over 33 miles today.

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