Saturday, 19 March 2016

Winscombe Wander 22

Put the long johns on this morning. Good decision, it was still a fresh NE wind blowing off the Mendip Hills.  Haven't done this circuit, taking in the Strawberry Line, but enjoyed it and this could become a regular route.  A nice balance of levels and hills.
Incident of the day was, spotted a little egret in a field near Loxton. After the success of the sandpiper the other day, tried to creep up on it to get a close shot.  Failed; should have known I would be spotted wearing a high visibility, bright yellow jacket.

Loxton Garage

Loxton is a small village between Weston and Axbridge.  This is the local garage and it looks like it need an update. There is always plenty of cars being repaired so it must be a going concern.  Loxton is infamous for a murder that took place in 1954 when a nurse 'plucked out the eyes' of a female friend. She was tried for murder and found guilty but insane.

Webbington Hotel

Still a going concern, this hotel and spa has a commanding view of the Somerset Levels from its position on the side of the Mendip Hills. The hill behind is called Crook Peak and favourite spot with walkers.  At one time it boasted one of the hottest night clubs in the area.

Winscombe Sports Club

Joined the Strawberry Line at this place. There were loads of young footballers training, enough to warrant the shop opening to keep the dads plied with hot dogs and burgers.  I had a cup of tea, a bargain at 70pence, but was it?  It was only just warm and didn't do much to warm me up.

Strawberry Line

Not many on here today. This disused railway line used to run from Cheddar to Clevedon taking the local specialist crop (you have guessed it, strawberries) to the coast at Clevedon where they were shipped further afield.  Looks a bit bleak at the moment,  can't wait for spring to arrive and it all turns green.

Weekly target passed with the 22 miles covered today.

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