Thursday, 17 March 2016

Wrington Wrangle 27

What a pleasant morning that was.  Started off with the intention of catching the train to Nailsea and a wind assisted ride back home.  Buying the ticket at Weston Station failed because, as the kind lady pointed out, the Senior Railcard had expired so no discount could be taken off. Opted for a ride into the wind as far as Conglesbury instead, cutting back through Wrington, Churchill and Banwell. Glorious weather despite the chilly NE wind.

River Yeo

This river is a significant player in the drainage management of the Somerset Levels.  It runs from Compton Martin, between Bristol and Bath and flows into the Severn Estuary at Clevedon.  Just noticed this picture has been 'photobombed' by a crow!

Another Road Closure - Not!

The Wrington Road between Congresbury was closed to traffic, but ever optimistic, decided to risk it and go through. The alternative was to retrace to route back home and on this sunny morning was not inclined to do that as this is all strange ground from here onwards.  It skirts the Mendip Hills for a time and promised to be worth the effort. A mile further on was the other end of the closure, pictured, and there was nothing at to justify it being shut.   The road climbed for about a 100 feet and the risk was justified. Carried on cycling in 'smug mode'.


Seen in the village of Wrington itself next to the Plough Inn.  A pretty impressive display of mistletoe  on this tree, once the leaves come out you would never notice the stuff.  Wonder if the locals have their eyes on it approaching Christmas time.

Wrington Post Office (and tea stop)

Was not too sure, being on strange ground, where a cup of tea was going to come from today.  This was about half way round at Wrington Post Office when I spotted in the corner of the window the legend, 'Hot Drinks'.  That will do.  The Post Office side of the shop was very busy but one of the staff went out the back and made a cup, well polystyrene cup, of tea and, in the absence of chairs or eating area, I stood outside in the sun with a sausage roll.  75 yards further of was a kosher tea room.  Next time for that one.

Sand Sculpturer

Bonus picture this.  Heading for home along the promenade at Weston noticed this chap doing some work on the new installation of sand sculptures.  An annual event this, it looks like the basic shape is cast in big moulds and the finishing touches are completed by hand.

Just under 27 miles today.  In a moving time of 2hrs 25 mins, this does mean that a top class marathon runner would have finished way ahead of me!


  1. Ken, I'm back to blogging. The new one is called "Old Pedaler," and frankly, it's going to be similar to yours.

  2. Thanks for that Ray. Looking forward to seeing it on a regular basis. Ken