Saturday, 13 February 2016

Wick St Lawrence Loop 17

Raw;  that is how I would describe the weather today.  Went out in the morning, it was cold with a NE wind blowing, and being a little damp it did feel raw.  Not going for too long a ride so chose to go to Sand Bay, Wick St Lawrence and back into Weston.

H.M. Coastguard.

Seen at the end of the promenade near the Lifeboat station.  Quite a few of these about today, possibly training with the RNLI. Working alongside the RNLI, the coastguard also have powers to search, seize and prosecute as well as a life saving role.

Sand Bay Bus Terminus

Next to the public car park along the front at Sand Bay is the turn round point for the Weston buses. The operator, Crosville, have this little cafe along side the toilets, but both were closed today unfortunately.

More Road Closures

This one is at the St Georges level crossing near to Worle Station.  Normally, pedestrians and cyclists can get through OK, but this is fairly well sealed off.  Luckily, did not want to go that way anyway!

No rain whilst I was out which was a bonus, and the wind was behind me on the return part of the 17mile route.

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