Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Cough that Carried Me Off 12

Couldn't make the full circuit today.  Had a bit of a chest infection the last couple of days but thought it would be OK to give a run out with the Old Gits.  Did not feel very strong right from the start but like a true Villa supporter, soldiered on regardless.   It was a cold start to the day with ice on the puddles but the roads were fine to ride on.

Bloomin' Motorists

Met up by the Marine Lake for a change and went out on the old Toll Road to Kewstoke.  To avoid the steepish climb into Kewstoke, I took a little diversion through the trees and waited at the bottom of the hill for the Old Gits to come down.  When they did, a photo opportunity arose but a car decided to join in as well.  Oh well, try it next time we go this way. Little John leading the way on his electric bike, not bad for an 84 year old.


By the time the group approached the Crematorium at Worle I was shattered and had enough; it was time for me to head for home.  I actually turned off before the Crem in case they were looking for business.  Stopped and had a coffee and a warm at the MacDonalds in Worle for 10 minutes.  Part of the reason for taking this was the blue sky although it was still quite cold despite the sun shining.

Bike Clean

A couple of Old Gits passed comment as to how filthy my bike was. In all fairness, it was a bit of a state with caked on mud and grime. Possibly why it was harder to pedal with all that muck on it.  It is difficult where I live to clean the bike on a regular basis so I called in at a car wash just outside Weston Town centre.  The quote of £30 for a clean did not go down well and I explained to the East European gang that the bike was not for sale. "Just joking" he replied, "we do it for free."  So, without further ado they were on the case, two minutes and it was as good as new.  Now that is customer service.

A modest 12 miles today.

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