Thursday, 18 February 2016

Leamington Loop 10

Decided not to go out with the Leamington 'gang' as the chest infection hasnt gone away yet.  It was such a beautiful morning though so couldn't resist a little spin around Warwick and Leamington.

What Green Belt!

Heading into Warwick from Whitnash via Harbury Lane it is unbelievable the amount of building that is going ahead at pace on what has always been regarded as Green Belt land. From Google :-
In the United Kingdom town planning, the Green Belt is a policy for controlling urban growth. The idea is for a ring of countryside where urbanisation will be resisted for the foreseeable future, maintaining an area where agriculture, forestry and outdoor leisure can be expected to prevail.
So much for that theory then.  The cynic in me can only surmise that money talks.

Bridge End Warwick

On the south side of the River Avon at Warwick is an exclusive development of houses that were built in Tudor times.  Just a thought, was there a Green Belt then?  These houses back onto the river and have magnificent views of Warwick Castle.  Always a pleasure to ride around this part of town.

Another road closed

Not just Somerset then with these road closures.  This one is in Warwick Street Leamington by the Fire Station.  The engine came out and posed for the shot which was very thoughtful of the fire brigade.  The path was open so did not have to make a significant detour around this one.

Wood Sculpture

Spotted from the river bridge near to Leamington Parish Church.  Dated 2013, this tree trunk has been carved into an acorn and an oak leaf. Nice to see a bit of imagination in the Parks and Gardens Department.

A modest 9.5 miles today.


  1. Gorgeous day for it today! I even caught the sun on my ride today! I have marks where my glasses sit!

  2. It was. Shouldn't have gone really with a bit of a cough but couldn't resist it!