Friday, 19 February 2016

Churchill Chase 22

Not a bad morning for a spin out.  Going out to Conglesbury, Churchill, Sandford and back to Weston via Banwell.  Weatherwise, not too bad at all.

Banwell Fire Station

Well it was in 1837 when this was built.  Donated by the Parish CC, it may have been fit for purpose then, but definitely not now.  Would struggle to get anything in there other than a small horse drawn cart.

Street Art

Or what used to be called grafitti.  Saw this in the main street at Banwell on some boarded up property.  Googled 'The angel from my nightmare' and it is from the lyrics of a song entitled I miss You by an American rock band. Have seen this picture in several locations in the Weston area.

Another Road Closure

This one is on the A370 at Banwell. The district councils must have a surplus of money now it is nearing the end of the financial year with the amount of significant road works that are going on. If it means better surfaces to cycle on, hallelujah.

Just over 22 miles today.

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